Géométrie équine : la beauté structurée du douzième jour chez Equinapix

Equine geometry: the structured beauty of the twelfth day at Equinapix

The twelfth day brings us a modern equine representation with a drawing of a horse's head made up of triangles. This work of art combines the majesty of the horse with a contemporary artistic style, providing a unique interpretation for coloring.

Each triangle works with the others to create a cohesive image, symbolizing unity and strength. The geometric style invites a meditation on how the different parts of our lives come together to form a whole.

Equinapix encourages art and horse enthusiasts to find harmony and inspiration in this drawing, to choose colors that reflect the complexity and simplicity of this image.

Share your creation on social media, celebrating the structured beauty of the equine world and how it can inspire our creativity and our daily lives.

Download the Equinapix drawing from December 12

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