Harmonie pastorale : le septième ciel du calendrier d'Equinapix

Pastoral harmony: the seventh heaven of the Equinapix calendar

As part of our journey through the Advent calendar, Equinapix today offers you a stopover in a world of harmony and peace. The seventh drawing depicts a rural scene where nature reigns supreme: a peaceful horse grazes under an apple tree heavy with fruit.

This rustic painting is an ode to the serenity of the countryside, where time seems suspended. The apples, ripe and juicy, are a promise of sweetness, while the fresh grass under the horse's hooves reminds us of the simple pleasures of life.

Each stroke of the pencil is an opportunity to meditate on the beauty that surrounds us and is often ignored. The act of coloring thus becomes an act of mindfulness, a way of reconnecting with the natural world and its cycles.

We invite our Equinapix community to join in this celebration of the present moment. Let this drawing be a pretext for you to stop and admire, for a moment, the picture that nature offers us, in all its quiet splendor.

Download the Equinapix drawing from December 7

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