Cheval à colorier bonnet de Noël Equinapix

The Equinapix Advent Calendar: An equestrian December in color

The anticipation before Christmas has never been more exciting and creative than with the Equinapix Advent Calendar. This year, we're offering you a unique experience: an artistic journey that begins with the joyful trot of a festive pony ready to be colored.

The concept is simple but enchanting: every day in December, a new surprise emerges from our calendar, inviting young and old alike to grab their pencils and give free rein to their imagination. The first page reveals a delicate drawing of a winter pony, adorned with a Christmas hat, just waiting for your colors to come to life.

But this is only the beginning! While the snowflakes dance outside, each open calendar window promises you a new creation, a new moment of sharing and joy.

We invite everyone to participate in this celebration of the art and love of horses. Share your masterpieces on social media with the hashtag #EquinapixAvent so the magic spreads and our community can admire the variety of your talents.

Don't keep your art to yourself!

Capture your daily progress, your moments of color and creativity, and share them with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Use the hashtag #EquinapixAvent and tag @Equinapix so we can all celebrate your passion and festive spirit!

Join us in this festive and artistic countdown, where each day is a blank slate offering the possibility of a new adventure. So, are you ready to brandish your pencils and beautify December with a touch of color? Share your journey and inspire the Equinapix community!

Download the Equinapix drawing for December 1st

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