Le spectacle envolé du saut équestre

The soaring spectacle of equestrian jumping

We open the 19th window of our Equinapix Artistic Advent Calendar to reveal a scene that captures the dynamism and grace of equestrian jumping. This drawing highlights a rider and his horse performing acrobatics, a sport that combines elegance and athletic performance.

Equestrian vaulting is one of the oldest Olympic disciplines and this image pays homage to the history and art of the sport. The rider, dressed in traditional attire, shows impeccable posture as he guides his horse over the obstacle. Their perfect synchronization is the result of years of dedication and teamwork, a recurring theme in our series.

Our design, with its clean lines and refined style, highlights the moment when all the elements of the jump converge: the rider's concentration, the horse's power, and the anticipation of the landing. Every detail, from the folds of the clothing to the tense muscles of the horse, is captured with a precision that invites admiration.

The choice of black and white for this illustration evokes memories of classic engravings, bringing a feeling of nostalgia while highlighting the modernity of the sport. It is a celebration of equestrian history and a reminder of the continuity of human passion for the horse throughout the ages.

As we approach the end of our Advent Calendar, this image is intended to be a symbol of the rise to the top, whether in sport or in life. We hope it inspires you to pursue your own goals with the same determination and harmony.

Download the Equinapix drawing from December 19

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