Les Falabella : les miniatures majestueuses

The Falabella: the majestic miniatures

Falabella are among the smallest horse breeds in the world, with an average height of 71 to 86 cm. These Argentine horses are known for their refined appearance and balanced conformation. Despite their small size, they are classified as horses, not ponies.

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The incredible intelligence of the Falabella

These horses are known for their intelligence and speed of learning. They are docile and easy to train, making them ideal for a variety of uses, including as mounts for small children, therapy horses, guide animals for the visually impaired, and for shows.

Sweet tooths

Falabella love sweets, especially apples and sugary cereals. However, because of their taste for sweets, Falabella owners must be very careful about where they store sweets and how much they give to their horses.

The commendable longevity of the Falabella

Falabella can live up to 40-45 years, which is considerably longer than the average lifespan of most other horse breeds. Some believe their longevity is due to their heart size, which is the same as larger horse breeds.

The remarkable robustness of the Falabella

Despite their small size, Falabella are known for their robustness. Their incomparable resistance is attributed to their origin, where they had to travel great distances to find water and pasture due to the strong sun, cold southwest winds, fierce storms and the aridity of the land .

The varied colors of Falabella

Falabella can be many different colors, including pinto and leopard spotted, although black and brown are the most common.

The multiple uses of Falabella

Falabella are used for a variety of purposes, including as mounts for small children, therapy horses, guide animals for the visually impaired, and for shows.

The Falabella's rigorous diet

Falabella are grazing animals, so they prefer natural grasses and grains as part of their diet. Due to their size, the amount of "grazing" this horse requires is very minimal. A typical garden will often produce enough grass for a single horse.

The champion heart of Falabella

A fascinating fact about Falabella is that they have the same heart as larger horse breeds. Some think this is why the little Argentine horse has such a long lifespan: up to 40-45 years!

In conclusion, Falabella are unique and fascinating horses that have a lot to offer. Whether you are a horse enthusiast or simply interested in exotic animals, Falabella are sure to captivate you with their miniature size, intelligence, longevity and charming personality.
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