Poney à colorier sapin de Noël Equinapix

An equestrian Christmas: the magic of the fourth day at Equinapix

The Equinapix Advent calendar has an equestrian surprise in store for us on this fourth day. At the foot of a majestically decorated Christmas tree, an adorable pony waits patiently for the colors to brighten up its silhouette.

This drawing invites us to celebrate the end of year holidays in the spirit of shared passion for horse riding. The details of the tree and the presents at its feet are just waiting to be enhanced by your palette, thus offering a moment of creative relaxation amidst the excitement of Christmas preparations.

At Equinapix, we believe that the magic of Christmas is found in these moments of sharing and personal expression. So, we encourage you to share your colorful work with our community and spread the festive spirit that unites us.

Be there tomorrow to discover a new page in our calendar, and let's see together what new surprise will brighten up your day.

Download the Equinapix drawing from December 4

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