Wiebke Haas : une photographe équestre passionnée

Wiebke Haas: a passionate equestrian photographer

Wiebke Haas is a German photographer who has dedicated her career to equestrian photography. She has published several books on horses and her photos have appeared in many magazines and newspapers around the world.

Haas was born in Germany in 1991. She started riding horses at an early age and quickly developed a passion for these animals. She decided to go into equestrian photography. She started by taking pictures of her own horses, then she started to work for specialized magazines and newspapers.

Haas' photos are known for their beauty and precision. She has a special talent for capturing the grace and power of horses in motion. She also has a great sensitivity for nature and her photos are often bathed in soft, natural light.

Haas has published several books on horses, including "Horses in Motion" (2001), "Horses in Nature" (2003), and "Horses in Art" (2005). His photos have also appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, including "National Geographic", "Sports Illustrated" and "The New York Times".

Haas is an award-winning photographer. She has won numerous awards for her photos.

Haas is a passionate photographer who enjoys sharing her passion for horses with the world. His photos are an ode to the beauty and power of these animals. They are also a testament to the love and respect Haas has for horses.

Here are some of Haas' most famous and award-winning photos:

  • Horsestyle (these photographs were notably published in 2017 with an interview of the photographer in Cheval Magazine)
  • Hoofbeats

Haas's photos have been exhibited in many galleries and museums around the world. They have also been used in advertising campaigns and films.

Haas is a talented photographer who helped bring equestrian photography to the world. His photos are a source of inspiration for horse lovers and they allow you to discover the beauty and power of these animals.

In addition to his website , Wiebke Haas has also created courses to learn how to photograph horses .

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