Le frisson de l'bbstacle : troisième jour du calendrier de l'avent d'Equinapix

The Thrill of the Obstacle: Day Three of the Equinapix Advent Calendar

The third day of the Equinapix Advent Calendar brings the excitement of show jumping. Our drawing of the day captures the thrilling moment when rider and horse, in perfect synchronization, overcome an obstacle. It is the spirit of the equestrian competition, immortalized in black and white, which awaits your colors to be completed.

This art represents more than a simple competitive event; it symbolizes courage, confidence and complicity between the rider and his mount. By adding your colors to this design, you're not just filling a space with bright or soft hues, you're bringing to life the emotion of a moment captured in time.

We invite you to dive into this scene, feel the energy of the jump, and share your artistic interpretation with our community. Post your work on social media with the hashtag #EquinapixAvent and let us admire how you have captured the essence of this equestrian discipline.

Through this calendar, we offer you a daily experience that combines the passion for horse riding and the art of coloring. It’s an opportunity to get away every day in December and connect with riders and artists from around the world.

Get ready for tomorrow, because a new window will open to reveal the fourth surprise on our calendar. What will she inspire you?

Download the Equinapix drawing from December 3

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