Lundi énergétique : Le onzième jour du calendrier Equinapix

Energy Monday: The eleventh day of the Equinapix calendar

This Monday, the Equinapix Advent Calendar captures the energy with which a child and his pony begin their adventure. The eleventh drawing, full of vitality and joy, is an invitation to start the week with such a cheerful and determined spirit.

Pony games are a fun equestrian discipline, and this coloring picture is a celebration of youthful enthusiasm. Like the child proudly waving his flag, we are encouraged to seize the week with boldness and optimism.

The scene depicts the complicity and mutual trust between the young rider and his pony, essential qualities to start the week well. Equinapix hopes that the energy of this drawing will inspire everyone to take on challenges with the same enthusiasm and confidence.

As we move forward in the calendar, let's take a moment to reflect: Are we starting our week with the same passion and commitment as this child and his pony? Let this drawing be a reminder of the importance of starting each day with a positive and energetic spirit.

Download the Equinapix drawing from December 11

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