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Equinapix with a summer background - Horse photography

Equinapix with a summer background - Horse photography

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Discover Equinapix, a unique service that transforms a photograph of your horse into a true work of art to hang proudly on the wall. Opt for one of our four carefully selected backgrounds to magnify the beauty and majesty of your horse from your photograph.

Our summer backgrounds bring a bucolic atmosphere: green meadows, golden fields, and mountain panoramas. These idyllic settings are designed to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere, ideal for bringing out the joie de vivre and freedom that characterize your horse.

For a different touch, the fourth background is a wheat field. This unique decor provides a striking contrast, amplifying the natural elegance and intrinsic grace of your horse. Photography thus becomes an exceptional piece of art.

The creation process consists of several meticulous steps:

  1. Careful clipping of the subject from the original photo.
  2. Brightness, contrast and saturation adjustments for a sublime image.
  3. Harmonious integration of the horse on the chosen background, playing on lighting and perspective.

In summary, Equinapix is ​​not just a photo, it is a high quality artistic creation. It captures and immortalizes the very essence of your animal, making this work ideal for beautifying your living space or giving as a unique gift to a friend who is passionate about horse riding.

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